[2022/05/27] 21st birthday trip to Niagra Falls (day 2)

2nd day!! We mainly explored Niagra Falls – we wanted to fully enjoy the fall as it was one of the main reasons why we drove 7 hours here from Villanova anyway.

In the morning, we all woke up super late and didn’t leave the house until 2pm. I mean we had fun in the morning, too, as we cooked oatmeal for breakfast and prepared kimbab for the picnic later. Later that day, we hiked along the Niagara river, ate, visited most of the falls, went around the park, and ate again.

Below are the places and activities that I did today:

  • Trailhead Niagara Gorge Hiking Trail (Trail 2,3, and 4)
  • Goat Island for picnic (near parking lot P2; $10)
  • Niagra Falls State Park (also on Goat Island)
    • Horseshoe Falls
    • Giftshop in Niagra Falls
    • Niagra Falls
    • Train around the park
  • Niagara Falls Art Alley
  • Steak Stone & Sushi for dinner (they open late)

Below are my mental notes for the day:

  • Bringing more seaweed wrap than we think we would need is a smart move. We just didn’t do it.
  • Kimbab burrito makes picnic less messy (don’t even waste your time cutting them into circles because it will fall apart anyway if you are like me – bad at rolling kimbabs)
  • If you mix all the left-over ingredients for kimbab together, you will get bibimbap!
  • Radish can sweeten cucumber so I shouldn’t put them together in the first place
  • Having a whole bag of containers and plastic utensils would make eating meals in the car a lot easier!
  • Hike number 3 – Schoelkopf Power Station trail – is the most challenging hike in the Niaga River Gorge trail system BUT it’s totally worth it because you can touch the water on the river!
  • Hike number 4 – Great Gorge Railway Trail – is partially closed and the person in the information booth didn’t even warn us!
  • KF is afraid of edges at high elevations
  • DN is super observant – she can spot many tiny details in nature
  • I walked way too fast and I could easily miss interesting things in nature
  • Horseshoe Falls look so much prettier than Niagra Falls from the US side
  • No earrings were sold in any of the gift shops in Niagra Falls State Park (but shot glasses are very uniquely designed)
  • The ticket booth for the train ride around the park is consolidated with that for Cave of the Wind
  • A black squirrel!
  • If a restaurant says that they close at 9pm, that might not always be the case – their kitchen can close 30 mins to an hour earlier!

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