[2022/05/26] 21st birthday trip to Niagra Falls (day 1)

We drove from Villanova to our Airbnb in Niagra Falls. On the way, we stopped by Binghamton, NY and Buffalo, NY. The map said it only takes more than 7 hours without tolls, but we didn’t arrive til 10pm (we departed at noon)

A list of our stops:

  • Botanical Garden and Taste NY – 834 Front Street, Binghamton, NY
  • Shark Girl – Buffalo, NY
  • Airbnb near Niagra Falls – Niagra Falls, NY

Here are some of the highlights and notes:

  • KF’s office in Allentown is quite a drive from Villanova :/
  • We should have stopped in Harrisburg’s Susquehanna river to see a 25-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty but we passed by it before we even realized that
  • We also would have stopped at Corning’s Museum of Glass if it wasn’t for their 5pm closing hours.
  • The botanical garden will be prettier in the right season. We, unfortunately, could only see a few flowers but at least it was a refreshing walk
  • Taste NY has delicious concord grape gummy and natural gum (we bought spicy lime flavor)
  • My lane-changing skill is very bad and I had too much motion on highways
  • Free parking in the Shark Girl area and it’s fun to just take a walk so you can see the buildings and the river.
  • Off Topic is quite a fun brainy game for a gathering (it works better for small groups though I think)
  • We would never regret getting 12 bottles of Saratoga. They are better chilled!
  • Preparing food prior to the trip means more snacks for our road trip and money-saving. It worked perfectly too because when we arrived at the Airbnb at like 9pm, all the places were already closed. Also a perfect opportunity for me to get rid of all my food before I move to Hoboken.
  • Fried shallot in beef porridge is top-notch!

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