[2022/05/24] Hurt myself but still want to take care of my plants

I hurt my right foot a while ago but I finally paid attention to it today. I’m pretty sure it’s not from running. It’s probably because when I wear my Pumas, I didn’t tie them properly, so I strained my tendon muscles as I tried to lift up the front part of my shoes. stupid ik. Lucky for me, CTS has several reusable ice packs in the freezer and I used them all to relieve my pain to a point that I feel all numb and normal when I walk. To explain in greater detail, ED and I were watching “Tune in for love” on Netflix and I kept the ice pack on my foot the whole time. Then when I got back to my dorm, I applied An Trieu spray constantly. Ofc this treatment was just temporary… I hope that I will be able to recover soon. I am really scared that this will stop me from achieving my 21k goal…

Anyway, even though I hurt myself, I still wanted to take care of my baby plants. I thought about where they should be sent to while I’m gone for Hoboken and back to Vietnam. I initially wanted to hand it to KF. He is ofc super sweet and responsible. I’m not bluffing – below is a video of him buckling the plants up. However, ik he will be very packed in the next couple of months as well and I don’t want to introduce more stress to his life; that’s why I wanted to ask AM in the Idea Lab to help me out. AM has a green thumb and she goes to Idea Lab almost every weekday so that worked out perfectly!

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