[2022/05/13] KF turned today into a sunny day

KF and I have been dating for almost 8 months now, but I think I usually underestimate how sweet he really is because he’s generally more reserved and low-key in communication and expressing feelings. But today, I received a lot of hugs and kisses from him after a week or two not seeing each other and that flashed back many moments that I wish to cherish, like

many many many times i forgot my stuff right as leave a place and he always reminded me, delivered it to me, or helped me deal with the consequences.

when i got stuck in my thoughts and he would give me a new idea or suggestion that could change the way i think about the problem.

when i wanted to eat something but if I felt like it was an inconvenient choice, he would make it work so we could somehow both go eat it soon.

he says good morning to me almost every day when he wakes up, even if he wakes up in the afternoon (which is 90% of the time), and no matter if we’re in a fight.

when i clumsily drop things, like last time with the salmon rice box, he never gets mad and just quietly helps clean up.

the list goes on and on, but today im just really thankful that im dating you, K

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