[2022/05/12] Did a graduation photoshoot for Ammy

Ammy crashed over at my place to prepare for her graduation on Saturday. She lives somewhere in New York, so to go to Villanova, she would take a bus to Philly, then the Paoli/Thorndale train. Long ride, I think, but she never really complained much. Anyway, Ammy wanted to take advantage of the sun on Thursday to have a graduation photoshoot and she asked me to be her photographer. Before I continue, I have to admit that I really am the worst photographer ever. I’m so bad at picking angles and finding “the right moment.” They all looked so great on the phone, but once you swipe to review, you would know that you can never pick those pictures for your Instagram post. However, I don’t think Ammy minded too much – she had a really great time since Evan, Dan, and our co-worker Geremy joined us. Evan and Dan specifically hung out with us all the time – we walked from the library to the church, then to the Villanova sign in front of Bartley. I never asked them directly, but I could tell they were sweating, proud, and happy as they witness this photoshoot. I surprised her with a champagne bottle so she can pop it open just for the picture. I failed to catch the coolest part on camera – only got the after-effect one :D. I hope she loved that regardless… also, just a mental note for myself never to get the twisted cap champagne.

Ammy, not sure If you will ever see this post, but if you do, I just want to say that I’m very proud of what you have achieved so far. You are a first-gen college and you’re officially getting your Master’s in less than 24 hours. Stay bold and stay positive, love you.

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