My Chicago Recaps

Duy, Yen, and I went to Chicago for the first 5 days of our winter break. We experienced so much together that I thought I might forget everything if I didn’t document anything. That’s why, at the end of each day, I was posting all the videos and pictures on my story with a recap. This post is a collection of all my recaps after each day!

Day 1 & 2:

Arrival: O’Hare Intl’ Airport > Starbucks Monroe > P.O.S.H. Chicago > Grocery shopping > Movie Night w/ Garrett popcorn

Day 2: Depaul University Merch Shop (inside Barns & Noble) > Museum of Science and Industry > Chicago Gangsters and Ghost tour

Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station.

Bringing a pair of boots is absolutely necessary if one needs to travel to Chicago at this time of the year (December).

12% tax is a good reason not to go out for a random shopping trip/practice shopping therapy here.

The best travel buddies are those who have the same splurging preferences as you.

Day 3:

The Bean > Chicago Culture Center (Tiffany Dome, Chicago Comics Life Exhibition) > Nutella Cafe > Navy Pier > Drag Show

Allocating more time than I need for each location is a smart move. That way, I can explore more random stuff and travel without panicking.

Knowing at least one friend in a place I visit to can make my experience 10 times better.

Free experiences can be undervalued.

Taking good pictures is very challenging (I have learned that w/o Yen, my skill is completely diminished).

Day 4: Liberty Day

The 606 > Lady M, Stan’s Donuts > Tribune Tower > Apple Store by Chicago Riverwalk > Starbucks Reserve Roastery

My day could start off ugly (like today when I had a heavy conversation with someone I really care about and love). However, I am the one who chooses how to deal with it. This time I walked in off in The 606.

No matter how close our group is, everyone still needs their own personal time and space. We should always be respectful of that!

When my heel hurts, it means that it is bleeding and I should put a band-aid on it instead of trivializing it.

It’s fun and meaningful to ask these 3 questions to myself and my travel buddies before our trip ends: highlights? what can be improved? hope?

Last day:

Loyola University

I am loved. I have friends who sent me long texts of recommendation, took me out for dinner, hosted me for a night, checked in with me, and wanted to know about my day.

Villanova is a bubble. I should appreciate it, but at the same time remind myself that the sky is the limit.

I should dress according to my feeling about the weather, not how others feel about the weather.

Now I understand why Chicago is a lot of people’s favorite city!

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