Receiving a Mysterious Amazon Package I Didn’t Order

Two months ago, I received an email from Villanova mailroom that my Amazon package had arrived. Last time I checked I didn’t have any shopping problem, so I was very surprised, but I came for it anyway. Funny enough, the package wasn’t in the usual mailroom in St Mary – it was all the way in Kennedy Hall, meaning I had to walk back to main campus just to get a package that I wasn’t sure about.

When I finally got the package, I was super curious because this was the heaviest package I had ever received. I had trouble carrying it and was stuck with a million questions in my head, like what the heck is this thing, who sent me this?. Sometimes I stopped midway for a tiny break, and I had to resist myself from peeking/opening the box.

As soon as I got back, I excitedly grabbed the knife and tore open the Amazon box. And OMG… it was a double burner from Cuisimax. I looked it up and it costed around 70-80 bucks on Amazon. However, I wasn’t even feeling happy or blessed to receive such a pricey item (for a college kid), I was just sooo confused! First of all, I never searched up for this item because I have a full functionable kitchen in my apartment; second of all, who on earth got my name correctly but not my address (it was initially sent to the Villanova Center, then failed, then to the main mailroom).

I told this to all my friends, including those I keep in touch frequently, but they had no clue about this. So, I called Amazon Customer Service to hopefully find out more information on the sender. Little did I know that this conversation later turned into a charade game. An Amazon representative picked up the phone and asked for my information; then, I explained the situation to him and asked about the sender. However, due to confidentiality commitment, he said that he wouldn’t be able to say the person’s name, but he could confirm if I give him the right name. I threw out 5 guesses; of course, none of them were correct. I begged for more hints, and he said that the person seems to be a male, has an American first name and same last name as mine. My limited memory could only recall 5 more people, but again, they were wrong guesses. At the end, he said I could choose to keep or discard the burner. He must felt very sorry for me, but there wasn’t anything else he could do to help.

Until now, I still have not figured out the sender nor a good use of the burner. It’s still sitting under my bed. Maybe I should bring it to one of my friend’s houses for a Korean BBQ meal?

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