How I Masked the Annoying Cracks on My Wall

It’s getting chilly out and I miss my mum’s spicy food. I could trade all my meals for the week just to have a warm bowl of kimchi soup with beef and soft tofu or sweet and sour soup with fish (canh chua cá). It’s not like I can’t cook, it’s just that my mum’s food is so unreplicable that nobody can do it as right as her.

For that reason, I’m dedicating this post to a memory from home.

On a random day last year, I saw a small crack on my white wall, which ran from three-quarter of the wall to the bottom. Very insignificant, but, you know, it’s the type of thing that once you see it, you cannot unsee it anymore. It bothered me so much that I had to do something to cover it and I decided to make use of my wealthy arts supply corner.

I thought oil pastel colors were fun to experiment with, so I started with them and ended up using them for the entire wall. The initial idea was simple: purple, yellow, and white for flowers and various green shades for the leaves. However, my dad suggested a brilliant idea that I should add some clouds and animals to make it more animate. So I did and even added patterns to for the entire background.

I had ton of fun coloring this wall. I always played super loud blasting music and was just in the flow the entire time. I even did a time lapse at the end for the record.

And here are the classic before vs. after pictures!!

The crack vs. the art piece

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