Roadtripping to Upstate New York (Day 2)

Day 2, we woke up late enough to skip breakfast. I’m sure we had a good sleep because we woke up feeling super fresh and were so ready to hit the road!

We then went to Vu’s place to have brunch together before he took us around Union College. The brunch place The Whistling Kettle had outdoor dining and it was perfect weather, so we sat at a table right outside the restaurant and enjoyed our street view. For the food, I picked Farmers Crepe, which was a savory crepe with bacon and vegetable filling with salad on the side, and vanilla tea with almond milk. After that, Vu took us on a tour around Union College. We learned that Union is the home of the Union Triad and is hailed as the Mother of Fraternities. I personally really liked Union’s green campus, especially for its Japanese garden and unique sculptures. Kyle was eyeing the parking area for skateboards though haha.

Vu also took us into some buildings that he thought were cool, including the art building, where an exhibition was located and his “home,” the engineering building. Vu is into music and sound, so he showed us all his equipment, the sound-proof room, and the expensive recording tool. I can’t recall a ton of stuff, because I forgot to take more pictures, but I will forever remember Vu’s excitement when he described everything in the music room, as his eyes lit up and he talked a lot more than usual!

By the time we finish the tour, it was already afternoon and we had to get going because we had one more friend to visit on the way back. We drove for 2 and a half hours to meet him at his home, then the three of us went to a diner for more food. I have to be honest that this was my first time ever been to a diner, so I was completely shocked by the extensive menu that they had. It took me a while to absorb it in and settle down on chicken waffle haha. Kyle and his friend talked for a long time about life and family. I didn’t have much to contribute, so I was there witnessing the reunion the whole time. It was nice still because I could see how they still cared for each other, even though they didn’t talk that frequently!

Finally, we drove home. We loved seeing the stars from the window and the sunroof so much that we decided to take the long way instead (added 30 more minutes). But we were both tired, so we stopped multiple times to recharge and stretch. Regardless, the drive was good as always – we had fun no matter when we talk about random things or just stayed silent!

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