Back on Villanova Campus

I’m lazily floating through Labor Day – the first holiday since school started and I’m still very much amazed by how much has been happening on Villanova Campus.

Where I live this year

Welsh building on West Campus is my home away from home for this year. It’s all the way at the end of the the campus, so it’s quite a walk to get to my classes in Bartley. If you consider Main Campus as the city area, West Campus can be the suburban part, and Welsh is somewhat rural. My next blog post will be my daily walking stats on a neatly organized visualisation, which will hopefully describe more what I mean by “quite a walk.”

Below is my lovely apartment this year. I’m actually very lucky to live with Olivia, Binti, and Becca, because they brought all these house decorations and appliances over to furnish our place. They are also perfect roomies, as they always keep the house clean, are creative with food, and are very supportive of each other.

Below are some pictures of my apartment that I took on a sunny and warm day…!

What I study this year

Initially, I planned to take 15 credits, which are equivalent to 4 courses: Principle of Finance, Global Political Economy, Systems Analysis & Design, and Humanity: Society – so that’s 4 business and 1 non-business classes. 3 days before 1st day of school, I decided that I wanted to minor in AI/ML, so I took in Programming for Adaptive Problem Solving aka Foundational Prog.

So far, I’d say all my classes are do-able and interesting. Each professor has different styles of teaching, but I love that – just more time to practice my adaptability skills. However, since all these classes will have some kind of group project, I expect myself to be a lot busier in the next few weeks…!

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