Saving photos from Instagram on a PC

You don’t have to do it the traditional screenshot way.

1) Using the developer tool

  • 1a. Open the photo you want to save on your browser

    As long as you see the picture standing by itself, you’re fine. You could open it from a person’s profile, from your feed, or from explore feed, etc.

    From another profile
    From your feed
    From Explore
  • 1b. Open the Developer Tools

    Right click on the picture and select Inspect. You’ll see a rectangular window pops up at the bottom of the screen. That’s the Developer Tools and with a line of code highlighted.

  • 1c. Hide the code element being selected

    Right click the line of code that’s being selected and click on Hide element.

  • 1d. Right click save-as

    Now you can save the picture in a regular way. Just right click on the picture and select Save image as!

2) Using Snip & Sketch tools

If you decide to try this, I have to warn you that your final picture will have the arrows and dots if the post contains multiple picture, since those features cannot be hidden automatically.

  • Open the picture that you want to save

    If the picture is bigger than your screen, do this:

    Select the 3 dots on the right hand corner of the browser and click on the minus button to zoom out your screen until you can see the entire picture.

  • Screenshot the picture using Snip & Sketch

    Press Windows + Shift + S

    Or search up Snipping Tools then click on New to take a screenshot of just the picture.

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