OneNote – My Teaching Buddy

OneNote is my absolute favorite app. I use it to write my lesson plans and as a whiteboard to explain different concepts while teaching. Here are some reasons why I love it so much:

  • It doesn’t have a page limit or a margin, so I can write/draw anywhere and not having to worry about running out of “paper” or not following the lines.

Using my two fingers, I can easily zoom out to get the overall layout and structure of my notes and zoom in to see each section in detail. Thanks to this feature, I can help my student understand the lesson on both micro and macro level.

  • It allows me to insert all types of media and objects to diversify my teaching contents. For example, when I have a PDF file/ a PowerPoint, I can choose to insert pages/slides directly or a PDF/PowerPoint attachment. When I paste a YouTube link in, OneNote also embeds the video directly, so I don’t have to switch my window to play the video.
Either insert actual pages of the PDF or a PDF attachment
The video link is automatically converted to a meaningful title and directly embedded the video into OneNote.
  • To have a quick table, I simply need to press Tab for a new column and Enter for a new row. That way, don’t have to bother with the usual Insert function or choosing how many columns/rows I want manually.
  • My student usually wants the notes after each lesson and OneNote lets me export it as a PDF file, which is super convenient to transfer and view.

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